Thursday, 11 September 2014

This is my Story, What is you Story?

A huge thank you to Jack’s mum Danielle for coming to teach us all about China! Danielle was born in China and came over here when she was in her early twenties. She shared lots of facts and stories from China. She even bought us some flakes and Chinese rice cakes for us to try! The Busy Bees are now fascinated by all things Chinese! When we reflected on our learning as a class this is what we came up with:

- The great wall of china is GIGANTIC!  It is about 8,000 kms long. Vanessa worked out this was the same distance as going from Palmerston North to Auckland and back 8 times!!

- Chinese dragons. They wear fire around them to protect them and they long tails for flying. We thought this was not only cool, but super cool!

- Chinese food: Rice cakes and flakes. We all loved the flakes! They tasted like lollies but they were healthy. With the rice cakes our favourite flavour was the peanut butter. We liked the red bean flavour the least.

- The primary school we looked at had 3,000 students! There were 60 children in the class (three times for kids than the Busy Bees!) and they sat in rows of desks to do their learning.

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