Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Ross Roadshow

Today we saw some VERY talented students from Ross Intermediate. They sang and they danced for us. We put our yellow hats on to reflect on the highlights:

“They did amazing dancing” - Awhina and Chelsea

“They did good singing. Our favourite was I just want to be king!” - Heidi and Keira

“The dancing to the happy song and footloose” - Benjamin

“I liked the girl who did the selfie after Happy” Bryah, Clara, Zoe and Matty. 

Jacob liked the host the best. We then reflected on what made him a good host. We thought he must have practiced a lot and he had a big loud voice. He looked at the audience a lot and knew everything he was going to say by heart.

We were told only a few students from each group came. We wish they whole group could have been there. Awhina wished her “totally wicked” big brother Rawiri had come too!!

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