Thursday, 8 May 2014


WALT: Form our letters correctly

Handwriting can be tricky but we know the more we practice, the better we will get! We practice our handwriting in lots of different ways during the day. We practice when we do our write our stories, when we “write the room” during reading and when we do our handwriting. 

We know we are doing a good job of our handwriting when we: 

  •  Start our letters at the right place on the page (top, middle or bottom)
  • Write our letters in the right direction
  •   Use our finger spaces

Check out these examples of our beautiful handwriting. Notice how wonderful we all are at making the most of our learning time by concentrating really hard so we can do the best handwriting we can do. 


  1. Busy Bees, you are working hard with your letter shapes. Keep up the good work because even the bees say that practice makes perfect. From Jack's Grandma and Grandad

  2. Zoe did a good job o that