Friday, 17 October 2014

Discovery Time

We had such a great time during discovery with the Bright Bugs. We have been learning to show our Whakawhanaungatanga (positive relationships).

Here were our initial ideas on how we show our whakawhanaungatanga during discovery time.

  •        If someone is doing an activity by themselves we can go and be their buddy (Angus)
  •        If you do something wrong to someone like accidently hurt them you need to apologise and make sure they are alright (Atta)
  •      You can tell people how much you like their creations if you are on art on making something (Clara)
  •        If someone trips over you can help them by giving them a plaster (Eshaan)
  •      Play with people who don’t have anyone to play with (Chelsea)
  •       If someone gets hurt we can get a teacher and then look after them (Awhina)

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