Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Today we saw the Ned show starring Gary and Ned! They entertained us and taught us some VERY important messages. 

After the show, we put on our yellow hats to think of the good/positive messages from the show that we need to remember:

- I liked how put the tissue in his mouth and it came out colourful. When you try hard at something and you make a mistake, you can always work hard to fix it up (Jacob)

- I liked when the balloon popped because it was funny and it showed that mistakes can happen all the time and it’s not big deal (Bryah)

- We learned to:
Never give up
Encourage others
Do your best! (Benjamin)

We liked the Red and white string. The white string was the teacher and the red string was the kids. The white string had a knot which represented knowledge. Gary made it so the red and white string tangled together and the knot moved from the white string (teacher) to the child/student (Keira)

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