Monday, 21 April 2014

WALT: Persuasive Writing

WALT: Persuasive Writing  

The Busy Bees dipped our toes into our first ever persuasive writing this week. We saw on Quintessential’s blog (room 5) that David had come to read them a story so we thought it would be really exciting if he came to read to us too. We decided to write him a letter and try to include reasons of why he should come to read to us. Here are a few samples of our work: 


We were so thrilled when David came to read us not only one but TWO books. He must have been super impressed with our writing. Our favourite book was The really sticky grubby lolly by Yvonne Marie Dudman. We liked it because it was hilarious and a wee bit disgusting.

Thanks for coming to read to us David! We look forward to you coming and checking out more of our learning next term J

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