Monday, 31 March 2014


We are so lucky to have music with Jenny! This term we are learning to participate in a range of music activities, both individually and as a whole class.  We are also learning to sing tunefully and to keep a steady beat. 

One activity the children particularly enjoyed was listening to music and thinking about what animal the music could represent.  

"We had to lie down and listen to the music and sit up and listen to the music and think what animal it was. I thought it was a shark" - Jacob

"I thought it was a lion" - Benjamin 

"When we were listening to the music I thought colourful fish were around me" - Atta 

"I thought it was just pink and purple fish swimming around me" - Zoe

"I thought it was a tiger" - Eshaan

"I thought it was a crocodile" - Basil 

What creative thinking Busy Bees! 

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  1. Music with Jenny sounds like fun! From Jack's Grandad and Grandma